Companies like Novelis continue to do good work in their communities. Employees from the Novi, Michigan office pitch in each year to work on houses through the Habitat for Humanity program.  This October it was exterior work, including pressure washing the siding, putting up a fence, and landscaping.  I photographed all the work for Novelis.


© Dwight Cendrowski
aretha_020685_2497.jpgA magnificent singer. RESPECT.
I photographed Aretha Franklin at a Detroit concert in the 1980s.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 1.30.44 PM.png

I've just finished reading an article from the Columbia Journalism Review on the rampant sexual harassment women experience in the field of photojournalism.  Read it here.

It's not the first such report I've read, but it's probably the most disturbing.  I suggest everyone, men and women, read the article.  This behavior has obviously been going on for decades, and I'm glad it's finally coming to light.  It's men who must step up and speak out loudly, condemning this harassment.  More important, we must speak up on the spot when we witness it.  It's cruel and intimidating behavior, and has certainly pushed many women away from the profession over the years.

Kudos to the women in the article who have the courage to speak up.  And shame on any man who participates in, condones, or ignores sexual harassment in the photo industry.

If you're a photographer who has submitted work to stock agencies or is considering doing so, read this well-researched and perception article by Tom Zimberoff.  Increasingly professional photographers have been leaving the stock business because of such little return.


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I'm a proud member of the American Society of Media Photographers since 1989.  Hands down it's the best trade association for photographers.  With nearly 7,000 members, ASMP provides education in better business practices, produces business publications for photographers, and helps connect clients with professional photographers.

If you're not familiar with ASMP, either as a photographer or a buyer of photography, please do check them out at  ASMP is currently gathering images from member for a yearly Faces Photography Contest.  The photo graphic for the contest features one of my portraits of a woman soldier.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 4.48.11 PM.png

Hands-on learning

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Colleges and universities are increasingly instituting 'hands-on' work experience into the curricula.  This comes in the form of summer internships, work-study programs, and course work that incorporates time working with local companies.  This trend is perhaps greatest in business schools like the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. One allied program called the Tauber Institute is an interdisciplinary operations program between the business and engineering schools at the university.  Classes in the business school often pair teams of five students with a local startup or established business to work on marketing, finance and business issues.

It's definitely a win-win:  students work on real-world problems to hone their skills and perhaps get a leg up when they've graduated and are looking for a full-time position.  And businesses get the benefit of really sharp young students with insight into what young people are looking for in the modern marketplace. 

I photographed several of these collaborations for the business school in recent months, including at the Whirlpool Corporation in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Listening to members of the Whirlpool marketing team question the students about their take on current advertising programs, it was evident this mutli-national company was eager to pick the brains of these smart millennials. One startup company teamed with students was Nakee, maker of a new chocolate/peanut butter spread.  The gregarious, bearded owner invited the U of M team to visit his booth at Detroit's Eastern Market, and then his modest packing operation in the kitchen of a nearby restaurant.

Students end the semester's project with a presentation to the company's executives.

Other colleges within universities like U of M have their own programs, including Art & Design and Public Health.  Summer internship opportunities are a real draw for high school seniors deciding on a college to attend.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 12.19.35 PM.png

This is a video piece I videotaped and edited for automotive supplier Schaeffler during media days at the Detroit Auto Show. It's for inclusion on the German company's website.

The auto show is open to the public through Sunday, January 28.

Along with photography one of the great passions of my life has been music.  And I've been blessed to be able to play with great friends and musicians over the years.  All through the 90s I played piano and accordion and sang with a group called One by One.  We focused on music of social justice, from a bluesy lament on sinking into debt, to calls for solidarity, to a lighthearted anthem to bananas.

In October of 2017 we regrouped to play a benefit concert, and had so much fun we did it again two months later.  But barely a week after that second concert the member of the group who was instrumental in getting us together again, Charley Gehringer, died from heart failure tied to his Type 1 diabetes.  He was 65.  He was one of the finest, most kind-hearted men I've every known.  A superlative pianist, he also played guitar.  He recorded a number of albums of original piano pieces, taught piano, and played thoughout the area for many years. 

In a world of bombast and inanity, I think the world should note that fine people like Charley are out there making the world a better place every day.  Goodbye my friend.

Creative Finder

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To view a quick overview of my 39 year business and sample images, take a look at The Creative Finder site:

Nikon found 32 photographers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to work on assignments in service of promoting a new camera.  All were men.  Not a single woman in the bunch.  This squares with my experience in the photography business going back almost 40 years.  Women have always been underrepresented and snubbed in this male-dominated profession. And reading stories like this, it seems any progress for women has been negligible.

Read the New York Times story here:

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