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In the day I photographed  a great deal for business publications like Information Week. That was before the precipitous decline in the publication world.  This is a letter I've just sent to the editors after reviewing their latest edition.

Dear Editors,

I'd like to draw your attention to an old and important tradition that Information Week seems to have gotten away from. I looked through your Sept 17 edition and was not able to find a single photo credit in the magazine.  Perhaps I'm more attuned to this than most.  I'm a longtime editorial photographer near Detroit, and years ago I photographed a great deal for Information Week.  

It is standard practice for photographs to have a photo credit adjacent to the photo.  It has long been the practice in the magazine world, and still is practiced by the great majority of publications.  Just as each of your articles has a writer credit, each photo should have a photographer credit.  Granted, you are not assigning photography to professional photographers as you once did, but even so that photo credit is an important bit of recognition, and more important, a reminder to readers that the photo is owned by someone and not free to be copied and disseminated.

Thank you for reviewing your editorial policy.  I urge you to return to this industry standard and assign photo credits to every photo used in the magazine.

Thanks for your time and consideration.
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In Memoriam: Susan Carr

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The photo industry lost a great educator and photographer on September 3, when Susan Carr died of cancer.  She was the Education Director for the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP).  While living in Chicago more recently, I worked with her for some years in the Michigan chapter of ASMP.  She will be missed.  Go here for more information on Susan's life and career.

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