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After viewing the dysfunction and hostage-taking in Congress, I've determined it's time we set minimum requirements for our elected representatives.  Perhaps we need a licensing system before anyone is allowed to run for elected office.  No one would contract with an attorney, financial adviser, doctor, electrician or plumber unless they were sure that person had full knowledge of their field and had passed a rigorous exam to demonstrate their competence. 

If we demand that for the pipes in our houses, shouldn't we demand it also for those holding such power over the course of this country's future?  And I am not talking about just a college or law degree. A great many competent, intelligent people have no degrees.  Rather I would like to see every Congressman and woman, before being allowed to take office, have to demonstrate basic proficiency in the fields of accounting, political science, organization management and the scientific method.  They would have to know the history of this country and the world. They would need to show reasoning and analytical skills divorced from ideology.

Again, get it from school or be an autodidact.  The fate of our people and country is too important to be left in the hands of the many insubstantial, uninformed and insensible far-right people now populating Washington DC.
     There's new eyes and ears for Fortune magazine in China.  Scott Cendrowski has arrived in China to begin a stint as the correspondent for the business magazine Fortune. He's been a writer there at their New York headquarters since 2008.  He will bring his keen eye, sharp instincts and insightful writing style to coverage of this fascinating country.

     I would urge everyone with interest in the Chinese economy and culture to tune into the magazine as the story unfolds. 

     Congratulations to Scott.  Oh yes, he happens to be my son.  Very proud.
Recent executive portrait at KSPG, auto industry supplier.  Always enjoy environmental portraits for corporations and business/trade magazines.kspg_150813_1982.jpg

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