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Having your portrait taken can actually be fun. Really. Bring your sense of humor with you and
the photographer will bring his. Take a deep breath and relax. It really will be OK. Here's some suggestions from Dwight Cendrowski to help everything go smoothly.

- Morning is optimal. Shave carefully or trim your beard for the best look. If the portrait has
to be later in the day, think about bringing your razor for a quick touch-up.

- Dark solid suit with white or light colored, pressed shirt. Use a tie that shows your personality, just not too wild. Tight knot. You might want to bring several to review with the photographer

- Don't get a haircut right before the shoot.

- For head to toe portraits, be sure you have good, polished dress shoes.

- Dark business suit without stripes and wrinkle-free white or pastel blouse. Women have more
leeway with suits than men, so use your favorite color. Darker colors usually work best.

- Hair combed and brushed. Hair spray to tame stray hairs.

- Jewelry should be kept simple and short so as not to disappear into the blouse.

- Makeup and lipstick as you might for a formal night out. Natural translucent powder to keep the shine down and smooth out skin tones, even if you don't wear makeup. Avoid frosts or loud colors.

- Don't use a new facial product the day before the shoot in case you have a reaction.

- If you normally wear glasses it's usually best to wear them for the photo. We can also try it
without glasses. Non-glare coating is great for eliminating reflections.

- Well fitting clothes but not too tight. Avoid busy patterns, plaids, checks and turtlenecks.

- If you can't decide what looks best on you, bring several outfits to consult with the photographer. It's best to wear something you like and feel comfortable in.

- Let the photographer know if you have a retouching request.

- We'll try a variety of angles, positions and expressions. If you have a better side that you think is more flattering, let us know.
I found some information on this a couple years ago, and now an even better explanation on The Atlantic website for why so many people find the left sides of their faces more attractive, and tend to show that side when they sit for photos.

Watch The video featuring science writer Sam Kean.

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