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Two of the best pieces of glass made by Canon are the EF 70-200 f2.8L IS II USM, and the  24-70 f.28L II USM. I use both, and there are many more pros than cons.

The 70-200 is probably my favorite lens of all time.  Razor sharp and fast, the image stabilization works like a charm in keeping it steady.  The only downside is not insignificant; it's heavy.  And carrying it around all day in covering a seminar, say, can be tough.  Last year I noticed my right elbow was feeling sore, and at first I couldn't figure it out. I didn't remember injuring it.  It finally hit me when I saw how I was swinging the camera and 70-200 up to my eye to view the LCD screen.  Doing that sometimes hundreds of times a day took it's toll.  I now pay much more attention to my body mechanics, and the elbow is better.  But as I head toward my 40th year in business, I'm keeping an eye on weight for every new equipment purchase.

The 24-70 is also as fine a lens as you can find.  Again, razor sharp and fast.  But I've found I have to keep close watch on my depth of field, and shooting is made more difficult by the lens's relatively heavy weight and lack of image stabilization.  More and more I'm missing IS, especially since I'm looking at purchasing a Canon C100 Mark II video camera, where that stabilization is going to be pretty important for run and gun shooting.  The Canon cousin to this lens is the 24-70 L f.4.  I will probably be selling the 2.8, losing a stop, but reducing weight and gaining image stabilization.

Every purchase requires a balance of needs, price, weight, and operating characteristics. I'm still learning and adapting every day.

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