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In photography as in any field, you tend to get what you pay for.  Want it cheap?  Plenty of people in line to supply that. Want it done well, on time, to the highest standards?  Well, that certainly diminishes the available pool.

When hiring a professional photographer or videographer, keep in mind what 'professional' means.  What does a person bring to your project?  I tick off each of these when I discuss a new job:

• Experience.  A photographer has been there, done it, and amassed practical know-how. An indicator he's done good work consistently and for a good, long time.  Dwight...many hundreds of clients, 38 years and counting

• Video.  Needing both photography and video is increasingly important for companies, often during the same assignment.
Dwight...professional equipment and production skills for both.

• Equipment.  Demand professional lighting and gear.  You need a wide array of lenses, cameras and lighting to do professional work. Dwight...state of the art gear for photos and video, backups for everything. Ready to swing to extra tools whenever necessary.

• Take charge.  Never pushy or crude, but ready to step in to arrange people in a group and suggest the best methods to get that photo.  Expect the photographer to think, not just push a shutter button.  Dwight...polite but firm, using a light and respectful touch to herd the cats in a company.

• Post production.  Expect highest quality in optimizing digital photo or video files.  Dwight...16 years in providing sharp, crisp, colorful digital image files and striking images.

• Business. No question that your photographer must be a professional, with full liability insurance for himself and any assistants who step into your plant.  Dwight...check! And everything is in writing, from detailed estimates to final invoicing.

• Flexibility.  Life means surprises. The CEO wants his photo that afternoon.  Dwight...always the ability and tools to turn around a job quickly, right on site if necessary.

There's more of course.  Contact Dwight to discuss special needs or far-flung locations.  He travels easily for editorial or corporate shoots throughout the US and Canada.

Dwight Cendrowski
Detroit photographer

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