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I've just read a blog post on PetaPixel by Emma Howells decrying the disrespect women photographers are subject to. It's worth a read, and in fact should be required reading for photographers.

 I think any male photographer who pooh poohs such posts is in denial and part of the problem.  I've been around for a long time in this business, and I've had conversations with women photographers who confirm the disregard and even disdain they've experienced, both from fellow male photographers and clients.  Geez, I have to recognize and battle my own biases at times. And this carries beyond the photography field.  Women have to battle disrepsect, bad manners and blatant sexism every day.  Don't believe it?  Ask your wife, girlfriend, daughters, mother:  any woman who will give you an honest and frank answer. 

Again, it starts with all men acknowledging their own biases.  It's not a woman problem.  It's a man problem.
Lighting is important whether you're doing still photography for companies and magazines, or video for those same companies and organizations. While I use studio flash for my still work, video means a combination of LED and incandescent.  But positioning of those lights for portraits or interviews calls for the same set of skills and experience.  Of course video means a whole lot more than just lighting.  Audio is vital, as is working with those being interviewed to get a natural, composed presentation.

I recently interviewed several people in the Detroit area for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) for a Service to Children award program video.  Here's a sample from those interviews.  

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