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I hear a lot these days about white supremacists.  Hmmm.  A supremacist by definition is superior.  A superior person. 

I'm always looking to improve myself, so I'd love to learn from a superior person.  Such a person must have a great deal to teach me. He must be quite widely read.  He must certainly be well versed in history, both of antiquity and of the events, movements and people that formed the United States. 

I can be a little shaky with numbers, so perhaps he could suggest texts on math, economics, probability and statistics. He must have a better grasp than me of how political maneuvering and trickle-down economics benefit workers.

Please share your knowledge of the scientific method and ongoing advancements in human biology, mineralogy, ecology, physics, robotics and astrophysics. I need to know what advances in medicine, pharmacology and medical technology mean for our country, and the economics of paying for it all.

School me on all the cultures and languages of the world; how each developed and is contributing to world events. Tell me your creative approaches to living in peace with countries of differing economic and cultural histories.  We all need to know.

You undoubtedly adhere to the ancient Greek philosophy of sound mind in a sound body.  The obesity problem is killing us, so please reveal your physical fitness regimen that keeps you fit and svelte. How would you share your diet rich in fruits, green vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats and convince others to follow your ideas?

Every superior person I've known or read about could clearly communicate his thoughts and ideas.  You must write concisely and potently. You must speak clearly and with passion.  How can we all emulate you?

Being a well-rounded person, you certainly both enjoy and create art.  Are you strongest in music, sculpture, painting or dance?  Perhaps theater? Or architecture?

Interpersonal relationships - with family members, co-workers, friends - are fraught with difficulties that can distress even the most even-tempered among us. How are you able to remain unruffled and serene in the face of Uncle Roger's rants while respecting his humanity?

More than anything we all need the moral insights you've reached about compassion for the less fortunate.  About equality of opportunity.  About the injustices the poor suffer in this society.  Surely you would not judge a person's character by their color, or religion, or status.  That's the equanimity and insight you as a superior person need to share with us all.

Won't you please come to our aid?  Or, am I misreading this whole 'white supremacy' thing?  Hmmm.

Mother Teresa sainthood

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Mother Teresa, the Catholic nun who devoted her life to helping the poor in India, was made a saint earlier this month.  I photographed her for the Michigan Catholic newspaper on a visit to Detroit in the early 80s. 

Her sainthood brings up continuing controversy over the Church's practice, including the reasonableness in the 21st century of linking two 'miracles' to anyone elevated.  In addition, many volunteers who worked in her homes for the dying exposed distressing conditions with terrible hygiene, inadequate food, no painkillers, and visitors discouraged.  Perhaps a good heart without accompanying, hard-headed pragmatism.


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