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Everyone can see the slow decline of print publishing over the past number of years.  Newspapers and magazines continue to decrease staff and budgets.  And no one sees that more clearly than editorial photographers.  For many years I've photographed for business, trade and consumer magazines. But fees are declining.  And for the past 10 years that part of my business has done a steady fade.

I could see the situation in stark relief when I was reading the March 15 issue of Fortune magazine this week.  The issue listed the 100 best companies to work for, a yearly feature in the magazine.  When I checked the photo credits in the section, over and over again the credit read 'Courtesy of Quicken,' 'Courtesy of Whole Foods', and on and on.  Fortune is using photos sent to them by the companies. Of the 19 or so photos, 12 were supplied to Fortune by the company, two were stock photos, and five appeared to be assigned to photographers.

Unfortunately for photographers, magazines are going to use any and all methods they can to reduce expenses.  The world of fine photo illustration in the editorial world continues to diminish.
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