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This will take some explanation.  At left is Mark Cendrowski, director of the hit comedy series The Big Bang Theory and venerable brother to me, Dwight Cendrowski. With him is Kevin Hearn, multi-instrumentalist member of the music group Barenaked Ladies.  The Ladies wrote the theme song for the show, and on a recent visit to the set of the show, Mark pulled out some old photos of himself and Dwight when they were performing as a comedy act called Ski Squared.  (To the second power.  Get it?)  Long, long time ago. But great fun.
Companies are increasingly adding video to their marketing mix.  You can either send content to a video site like YouTube, or add video to your own site. 

I've been assisting companies with video since 2003.  To see a sample video completed last week and read a client testimonial, visit this page on my website:

There's also a video reel link on the site.
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