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ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) has established a new social bookmarking site called CameraCake that is open to everyone.  As they explain,

" is our way of helping you keep up with the best resources on photography, video, multimedia, business, productivity, sales, marketing negotiating, creativity, techniques, equipment, educational programs, and everything else."

Check it out at
Apropos of nothing, my all-time favorite cartoonist is Jerry Van Amerongen, who does a strip called Ballard Street.  Never fails to start my day off with a laugh. See if his offbeat humor suits your taste:

I continue to work for colleges and universities in Michigan, something I've been doing since the early 80s.  Macomb Community College called early morning two weeks ago, asking if I could make it to one of their campuses later that morning to capture the first day back at school.  I moved some post production work to the back burner and headed out. It's the nature of the business. You've got to be flexible.

That can be tough for any sole proprietor or small business...being able to turn on a dime and revise the schedule to accommodate the customer.  Oh those pesky customers!  But come on, what else is there?  We're in a service industry, and if you can't put those customers first every time, then you're probably not cut out for this industry, or any other for that matter.

Here's a pdf  with some of those images.


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