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      April 15.  OK, taxes.  I must say that the cacophony of shrill voices bashing the paying of taxes makes me angry.  I feel that paying taxes is the height of responsibility and a sign of true patriotism.  Only in the land of make-believe do grownups expect the full range of services supplied by our federal, state and local governments while holding back payment for those services.

      I'm dismayed by how many of those tax dollars are spent, especially for endless war.  But I know that I'm privileged to be able to live in this country, a destination whose shores so many around the world risk everything to reach.  Simplify the tax process. Yes.  Make it equitable so those who pay their full share don't feel like chumps.  Absolutely yes. Eliminate wasteful spending.  Of course.  But pay your share and stop the whining.  I've been to many other countries, and I'd rather pay, pay, pay to live here than suffer in most of those other countries.

      Happy April 15.

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