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Nikon found 32 photographers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to work on assignments in service of promoting a new camera.  All were men.  Not a single woman in the bunch.  This squares with my experience in the photography business going back almost 40 years.  Women have always been underrepresented and snubbed in this male-dominated profession. And reading stories like this, it seems any progress for women has been negligible.

Read the New York Times story here:

Gladiators to Football

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Today we react with disgust to so-called sport and entertainment of ages past. Roman gladiators fought, and slaves were fed to lions to entertain the citizenry.  Even more popular was deadly chariot racing.

Today boxing in the U.S. has only a sliver of its past popularity, though it continues to be popular worldwide.

My opinion is that American football as played today, given the emerging evidence of widespread brain damage among former players, will either change radically to ensure the safety of players, or be relegated to a niche sport favored by only the most brutal among us. Even the NFL itself now acknowledges the link between playing football and the brain disease CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

We can't continue to bury our heads in the sand concerning CTE and still call ourselves a civilized society.
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